99 Homes: Film Review


Well isn’t 99 Homes a bundle of laughs?! Yes, I am being sarcastic. 99 Homes is a gritty, depressing drama that will leave you feeling so bummed about life. While it may not have filled me with joy, I can still appreciate the tremendous performance by Andrew Garfield.

Garfield plays Dennis Nash, a struggling single dad who lives with his mum Lynn (Laura Dern). They are evicted from their home by corrupt real estate broker Rick Carver (Michael Shannon) but with no money and no other options, Dennis is forced to work for Carver doing the same dirty business that made him homeless. He struggles with the morality of what he’s doing but is blinded by the hope of getting his family home back.


This is a powerful drama which shows people will do almost anything if they are desperate enough for money, or greedy enough for more, regardless of the expense of others. I found the eviction scenes incredibly uncomfortable and upsetting and that is what the film is about – so I had to endure a lot of them. They are not pleasant at all. There is very little light in this – it is so, so dark and serious but corruption and making people homeless is.

The highlight for me was seeing what Garfield is capable of. He has proven here he has the chops to take on serious roles following on from his stint at Spider-Man. He has such emotional depth and vulnerability and he is so conflicted about what he’s doing but his hands are tied and he wants to provide for his family. He is in a hard situation and I think his character, and Shannon’s are written very well.


This is deeply depressing and it is not helped by an unsatisfactory ending. In five extra minutes things could have been tied up and we could have found out what happened to Rick and Dennis, but no, we are left guessing.

So yes, this has terrific performances, it is well written and it does a good job at making you feel tense and uncomfortable but it is not enjoyable so prepare yourself for that.

In cinemas today 


  1. Great review, made me excited to see the film! Although excited may be strange way to feel aboutthis sort of film.


    • Hannah Wales says:

      Yeah it’s definitely not an enjoyable watch so I’m surprised you’re excited haha! But it’s one of Andrew Garfield’s best performances, so I can see the appeal!


  2. Good review Hannah. A very dark movie, but one that the cast is so great in, that it makes every second watchable.


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