The Martian European premiere: Pics & gossip


Tonight the incredible cast of sci-fi adventure The Martian turned out in London’s Leicester Square and I went down as a fan for the first time in ages so I could see Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain and many, many more.

The Martian has an AMAZING cast and it was impressive that they all there. They also had my comedy fave Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor and director Ridley Scott. This is great for premiere fans because you are more likely to come away with something.

For me, the stars of the event were Jessica and Kristen. Jessica was so nice, friendly and dedicated to greeting fans and signing/taking selfies with as many as possible. She also acknowledged the fans, replying to their compliments and asking them questions. I was so impressed. She went so slowly through the fans and really paid attention.

Kristen Wiig looking terrifed

Kristen Wiig looking terrifed

I also loved Kristen because she was clearly overwhelmed by the event and just took it all in good humour. She joked around with fans, pulled awkward faces and kept apologising for rushing through. Chiwetel was also lovely and Kate seemed completely out of her comfort zone and she didn’t sign as much. Matt was the star of the show and was so in demand, so he couldn’t do fans as well as others – but he did rush to us when he was supposed to go inside because we were shouting. He literally grabbed a pen, dashed to us and rushed along the line so quick that I had trouble grabbing a pic!

Jeff Daniels looking moody

Jeff Daniels looking moody

The grumps of the joint were Jeff and Ridley. I wasn’t surprised by Ridley because he was the same during the Exodus: Gods and Kings premiere, but Jeff was really was not in the mood. He was fine while on camera, but if you watched him around the carpet, he REALLY didn’t not want to interact with fans. He eventually caved and came over, and, as you can tell by my above pic, he was not happy about it.

And that’s not all! Usually at premieres, the notable guests are usually pretty lame and Z-list so imagine my surprise when JAMES MCAVOY turned up! Taron Egerton and Chris O’Dowd also came down, which is pretty damn sweet.

For all my pictures, click on the thumbnails below.


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