Miss You Already: Film Review


I feel like we have had a lot of cancer films recently and while Miss You Already is good addition to the roster, it doesn’t stand up to The Fault in Our Stars and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl for me. This will appeal more to adults though, and it is a less romanticised take on the disease, so it is still refreshing and worth a watch.

Milly (Toni Collette) is a fashionable PR executive who has been best friends with Jess (Drew Barrymore), who is struggling to have a child, for years but their worlds are turned upside down when Milly is diagnosed with breast cancer. The film basically follows their journey through the different stages and how it affects their respective partners Kit (Dominic Cooper) and Jago (Paddy Considine).


This is quite slow moving and at times it did drag but I loved the mix of humour and sadness and how gritty it was. Milly and Jess make cutting jokes at each other’s expense at inappropriate moments and it really breaks up the melancholy bits. Their friendship is brilliant and I like that it shows how cancer strains it to the max. Milly is not made into an angel when she gets the disease and in fact, she’s not a particularly likeable person. She does questionable things and that felt refreshing to me.

Collette really lets herself become ugly here and this film probably shows more of the gross/taboo physical effects than I’ve ever seen. It is brave, it feels realistic and that it was written by someone who really knows cancer and its effects on their loved ones.


As expected with this type of film, you will need tissues. The ending, however predictable, is truly heartbreaking and I was crying so much towards the end. Miss You Already is powerful film about cancer and friendship but also one that doesn’t shy away from the realities of the disease.

In cinemas 25th September 

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