I don’t want Sam Smith doing the James Bond theme


Today Sam Smith confirmed the news that he is singing the theme tune to the upcoming James Bond film Spectre and I am not happy. I wanted a big, classic star, not someone who has shot to fame within the past 18 months and only has one album to his name.

The Bond theme is a coveted thing and is talked about for months. Smith was in the frame from the beginning as he has he is considered “the male Adele” and she had so much success with Skyfall. Because he was such an obvious choice (because he was having a stellar year and everyone kisses his ass), I hoped the producers would pick someone nobody had considered. So when it was announced, it was a bit like ‘oh, so who we predicted months ago then’.

Also, Smith flat out denied it wasn’t him even though he recorded it in January. He didn’t play coy, he didn’t evade questions, he literally said it “definitely” wasn’t him, that he was being “serious” and that he heard it was Ellie Goulding. One plus side: At least it’s not Ellie Goulding.

I think the reason I loved Adele‘s Skyfall so much was because it was a throwback to the old themes which used Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Gladys Knight etc rather than the crap and totally forgettable recent ones by Chris Cornell, Jack White and Alicia Keys. I wanted to keep with this classic star idea rather than someone sooo obvious and NOW. I know we don’t have many of those legends that haven’t done it already but that would have been nicer than Sam bloody Smith, who is just EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, I could be eating my words if Writing’s On The Wall is decent.

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