Me and Earl and the Dying Girl: Film Review


It is little surprise Me and Earl and the Dying Girl won both the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. This is what indie film is all about. It is quirky, cute, touching and I just loved it.

The story is told by Greg (Thomas Mann), who is recalling the events of his high school senior year for some unknown purpose. He is an outsider, who doesn’t think he is worthy of having friends, except his “co-worker” Earl (Ronald Cyler II) with whom he makes films based on existing movies such as my personal favourites Eyes Wide Butt and A Sockwork Orange. His mother (Connie Britton) discovers one of his school acquaintances Rachel (Olivia Cooke) has leukaemia and she pesters Greg to be her friend, and they eventually become best of pals, which is a shame cos, you know, she’s dying (it’s in the title). Greg and Earl decide to make her a film.


This is actually much funnier than I expected it to be. The dialogue so witty and well-observed that you cannot help but laugh, and the two boys are weird enough to hype it up even more. I loved the characterisation of the central three roles and, much like The Fault in Our Stars, it doesn’t make her illness depressing all the time. It is generally funny, which means when it gets sad, it hits you harder. It becomes very emotional at the end and I was very surprised I didn’t cry.

There is a great supporting cast too from Greg’s dad (Nick Offerman), Rachel’s mum (Molly Shannon) and a very chill history teacher (Jon Bernthal) plus an amazing voice cameo by Hugh Jackman that is almost too good to be true.


The only downside was that it felt a little slow in the latter half when Rachel’s illness really kicks in and Greg cannot handle it and becomes a bit of a douche. That is it though. I loved the music, the film references, the cinematography and the use of stop motion animation (random, but awesome). This is a very lovely, touching film and it deserves to be watched.

In cinemas now 

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