Ricki and The Flash: Film Review


Is there anything Meryl Streep cannot do?! She can convincingly play any role she is given! In Ricki and the Flash is playing the wannabe rockstar Ricki and she is so fabulous, edgy and complicated in this fun-filled comedy-drama.

Ricki, who is actually named Linda, abandoned her family to chase her dreams of being a rock star. Things haven’t quite panned out – she is working in a supermarket, scraping by and playing to the same old crowd in a bar – but she has lost all contact with her three children. One day she is called by her ex-husband Pete (Kevin Kline) who asks her to come back to Indianapolis as their daughter Julie (Streep’s actual daughter Mamie Gummer) is going through a divorce and is depressed. She eventually realises how she has treated her family – including two sons Joshua (Sebastian Stan) and Max (Gabriel Ebert) – and tries to make things right.


You know how this is going to end but the journey is so much fun and I enjoyed this so much. The awkwardness, hatred and differences between the family are all hilarious but my personal favourite is Gummer, who just owns every scene. She is depressed, she has no filter and doesn’t care about her appearance or hurting feelings which is perfect for this comedy! Her scenes with Streep are my favourites, plus scenes of Ricki performing with her band, which includes her lover Greg (Rick Springfield), especially when they sing modern songs like Bad Romance and Get the Party Started.


This challenges the double standard mothers receive for leaving their children for work when fathers get away with it – something I totally support. It also shows the difficult balance between birth mother and stepmother, played Audra McDonald. I liked how those scenes were written and the script in general is great – it has some brilliant putdowns and sentimental moments.

This is a pleasing film that doesn’t challenge in any way but you can simply sit back and enjoy it. It is supposed to be fun and it is!

In cinemas Friday 4th September 



  1. Will probably wait for the video, but definitely will see it. Meryl Streep is a national treasure!


    • Hannah Wales says:

      Thanks for the comment! Meryl is amazing but this film isn’t THAT good, so you’ve made a good choice to wait for the video.


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