I LOVE Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams music video


Okay, so I’m been having conflicted thoughts about Taylor Swift quite recently (see recent posts here) but her new video for Wildest Dreams has secured my love for her once again. No-one is doing videos on such a grand scale as this and honestly, this felt like a mini-movie and I would happily pay to go see the feature length version.

Now I know I bummed the crap out of the Bad Blood video but I love this more for different reasons. 1: I prefer Wildest Dreams as a song. 2: It has a beautiful, romantic message. 3: It doesn’t have an endless parade of celeb friends/her “squad” that I find annoying. 4: The CGI is less obvious. 5: The cinematography is simply gorgeous.


Taylor is essentially an old school Hollywood glamour-style actress shooting a movie in an exotic location (with lions, zebras, elephants etc) and has a fling with the lead actor played by Scott Eastwood. She hopes it becomes a thing but when shooting is over she discovers he is married.

I love the story but more than anything, I just love the way it looks. The cinematography is beautiful – the sweeping shoots of animals running across the plains, a GORGEOUS shot of them stood at the top of waterfall and just EVERYTHING. I keep going all filmmaking geek on it and going”oh that’s a beautiful shot” at so many things. Not just the location either – costumes and make-up are SO GOOD too. I love the homage to old school films – it feels very 1930s/1940s.


Also Taylor’s acting is on point – you really understand her character and feel for her. It is heartbreaking! As you can tell I loved it and have watched it loads and could just rave about it all day.

Her best so far. More perfect shots as thumbnails below:

And the video:


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