We Are Your Friends: Film Review


Before I start this review, I have to be upfront and honest about two things: I LOVE Zac Efron and I LOVE dance music. This definitely puts a bias on things and put the film in my favour before it had even started. So you will not be surprised to read that I really enjoyed it and I left wanting to go out dancing.

Efron plays Cole a wannabe DJ who is currently working in clubs for free with his friends Squirrel (Alex Shaffer), Mason (Jonny Weston) and Ollie (Shiloh Fernandez). They promote club nights and sell drugs to scrape by while they wait for Cole to make it big. This journey is certainly helped by big-time DJ James (Wes Bentley), who takes Cole under his wing until Cole becomes romantically involved with James’ girlfriend Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski).


I enjoyed it for many reasons but I love a good underdog story where someone works hard, dreams big and it pays off. So the DJing side of it was brilliant and edgy, but the romance side was terribly predictable. It would be nice to have Emily play a character that isn’t sexy/showing off her boobs cos I think she can do it. And Efron is once again proving he can take on meatier parts.

I loved the dialogue. There was nothing particularly original but there was great banter between the boys and Cole has some great exchanges with James. This made me laugh a lot. A scene where Cole gets high on PCP definitely stands out. I didn’t realise this was a 15 before I went in – I thought it would be more family friendly but oh no! There is a lot of very strong language, muchos drugs and it pretty damn dark at the end. It is definitely not a fluffy story that’s for sure. There is also a really uncomfortable sequence when the boys work for Paige (Jon Bernthal), who is essentially a con man pretending to help people with mortgage/rent repayments and Cole discovers how the system works.


I think whether you like EDM will have a great bearing on how well this is received. I cannot see this selling to the older market cos of the music and Efron, who gets a bad rep. I think he does great here and looks fantastic (had to mention it) and takes charge of a good film! It is so much better than the trailer would lead you to believe. Great first fictional feature by Catfish man Max Joseph!

In cinemas Friday 28th August 

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