One Direction hiatus: The guys need this break!


One Direction fans the world over are having a breakdown right now cos it’s been reported the guys are taking a year’s break in 2016 once their fifth album comes out in March. This is a GOOD thing. Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam have been working non-stop for five years and they need this break.

Being in One Direction must be tough. You are known the world over, you cannot go outside and live a regular life and you are stuck in this constant cycle of touring and album releases. I know that is the general lifestyle of musicians but they never seem to get a break in between. Every time a new world tour gets announced, I feel sorry for them and think ‘Another one?!’ They are in the middle of their fourth world tour and their fifth album within five years. That is a heck of a lot. And that’s just professionally.


A lot of drama has been going on with the band, especially with Zayn Malik quitting to Louis Tomlinson getting a girl pregnant, and they were both caught in a drugs scandal. The life of a One Direction star must be insane and hard to cope with and I think these dramas are signs the guys are desperately in need of a break. A couple of days here and there are not enough when your lifestyle is so demanding for months on end.

It has been quite obvious that they want to pursue solo things for a while now. Louis and Liam are into songwriting and Harry is never seen with the boys outside of work. If they do come back after a year they will be stronger and better and hopefully grown up a bit. Thing is: I really think this hiatus will turn into a full-on split with probs a reunion tour in a few years time. I cannot imagine them resuming proper boyband time again.

I do love One Direction but not in the die-hard Directioner sense. This is not devastating or even remotely sad to me, because I think it’s the best thing for them as people. If they continued this way for years, they will end up in a Britney Spears-style meltdown and we DO NOT want that!

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