Zac Efron at We Are Your Friends premiere: My Pics


Zac Efron headed to the unlikely location of Brixton in south London for the premiere of his new DJ-ing flick We Are Your Friends. He was joined by the stunning Emily Ratajkowski and their director Max Joseph (best known for Catfish the TV show).

All three turned up super late in the rain and moved along the red carpet so slowly and then they had to rush into the cinema so I never got a chance to properly get a chance to see Emily or Max (hence the crap pics). I can’t say what they were like on the carpet as it was in an odd shape and I couldn’t see them.

Luckily, Zac promised the fans he would come back out to sign and take selfies with those he couldn’t see before he had to go inside and introduce the screening. He kept to his word and despite the dismal weather, he was really nice and he took his time with the fans even though he was seriously over time.

Me and a group managed to get a picture with Zac but I’m really short and we all had to squish together so it’s a bit of a failure – but my head is poking out on the top left (I’m in the glasses).


Check out the rest of my pics:


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