True Detective: I’m so relieved it’s all over


True Detective finished last night and man, it has been one serious slog. This season has well and truly flopped, and the culmination of eight-and-half hours of perseverance really didn’t pay off. I never expected it to because I lost all care for the series a long time ago but I at least expected to be satisfied. The only thing remotely satisfying is the relief it’s all over.


I’ve already had a massive moan about the series (which you can read here) so I won’t bore you all with repeating it. My main problem with the finale, like the rest of show, is that it took too long to tell a straightforward story. Ninety minutes was unnecessary, when you could predict most of what happened and it could have all been wrapped up within the regular hour, or even shorter.

Another issue: There is no real resolution. Ani (Rachel McAdams) and Jordan (Kelly Reilly) make it out alive. Ani has a baby (with Velcoro) and they are alive in Venezuela – but, as we finish, their actions in Vinci meant nothing. Chessani is still made Mayor, Burriss is still a cop and the corruption still exists. Sure, she has given all the evidence to a journalist, but he is very likely to get bumped off as soon as he comes close to publishing anything. It just all seems very pointless.

This episode was essentially tying up loose ends. We kinda knew who killed Ben Caspere last episode so we didn’t really learn anything new about the case this time, except what Laura/Erica revealed about her brother and what Holloway said during his meetup with Ray (Colin Farrell). That was probably my favourite scene during the whole finale. The rest was just the characters trying to get out alive – and you just knew that wasn’t gonna happen!

Although I suspected not to care, I was relieved Ani made it out and bummed Ray didn’t simply because he had come so far and I’m a sucker for happy endings. It was pretty obvious Frank (Vince Vaughn) was going to go, but the fact he chose his suit and diamonds over a ride out of the desert was stupid. Poor Jordan.

In case you haven’t guessed, I was not a fan of this season at all, and it would seem I’m not the only one. This series was far too complicated for a simple case, I still came across characters I didn’t recognise in the finale (Geldof and McCandless), the dialogue was shoddy and the main players just weren’t likeable, relatable or exciting. I doubt I’ll sign up for season three.


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