True Detective: Why I don’t care about the finale


The 90-minute finale of True Detective Season 2 is tonight and you would expect a TV lover like me to be unable to contain my excitement to see what happens next and how the series concludes, but I literally couldn’t care less. I think this is the most ambivalent I have felt towards a finale in a long time.

I have not loved this season much at all – sure, there have been a few great moments – but I’m at the stage now where I’ve come too far as I have to complete it. I have made it well known that I didn’t even love the first series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as much as everyone on social media seemed to – I found it confusing, boring and filled with too much babbling dialogue.

That was nothing compared to this season. There are simply too many characters who are so poorly written, clichéd and hard to feel for. If I had to pick, I am probably most invested in Ani (Rachel McAdams) and Ray (Colin Farrell) and I literally hate Vince Vaughn’s character Frank. He is awful and his dialogue is cringe-inducing. Paul (Taylor Kitsch) was popped off last week and I barely reacted (okay, I was slightly surprised they killed a key character) because I was too busy wondering who the hell shot him.


I concentrate so hard on trying to follow the show, but I’m still left wondering things when the action has moved elsewhere, so it is difficult keeping track. They introduce characters, don’t mention them again for weeks, and then expect us to remember everything. When Ani and Ray came to the conclusion that Laura, also known as Erica, killed her boss Ben Caspere, it barely registered because I was trying to figure out who she was. We have literally seen her once before fleetingly – how do they expect us to remember that? And when it comes to Paul’s confrontation with corrupt cops, I didn’t recognise some of the names or faces. And I’m trying so hard! I have to read the synopsis online afterwards to make sense of it all.

This is why I doubt what happens in the finale will make an impact on me whatsoever. I predict a distinct ‘meh’ reaction because I just don’t give a shit and that’s the writers fault. They upped the number of characters and tried to make the story involve too many people, making it hard to follow, incredibly boring and difficult for any of us to connect with the leading four (now three).

HBO boss Michael Lambardo says the show is “enormously satisfying” in its entirety, but that remains to be seen. I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending the whole 90 minutes wondering who everyone is and how they are connected to the case.


If you fancy a little fun ahead of the finale, check out this random plot generator which will conjure up scenarios for each of the characters.



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