Is the universal love for Taylor Swift starting to fade?

Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift/Instagram

Is the tide starting to turn on Taylor Swift? I love her but recently it’s got to the stage where everyone loves her for everything she does and I was just waiting for this constant outpouring of love to come crashing down. And that definitely began to happen this week.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll explain: the MTV Video Music Award nominations were announced on Monday and Nicki Minaj took issue with Anaconda being missed off the Video of the Year category. She believed she was snubbed because of her body type and that only videos which celebrates “very slim bodies” get nominated, so Taylor thought that was aimed at her (tbf, it was!) and hit back at Nicki for pitting two women against each other.

Nicki Minaj/Instagram

Nicki Minaj/Instagram

Everyone was divided on who was right and wrong – some were Team Nicki and some Team Taylor. This seems to be the first time Tay has not received universal support since her album 1989 was released. I think she has done well in terms of damage control by apologising but it proved what I had said to my pals all along – this current culture of kissing her ass will stop.

I love Tay, I genuinely do, but since 1989 was released in October, she had been everywhere all the time and generally in a positive way – how cool she is, how nice she is, how successful, how hot her bf Calvin Harris is, how amazing her ‘squad’ is etc etc (all true). It’s almost like she was untouchable and the public don’t like that for too long and they will eventually turn and knock them down.

I liken this to Jennifer Lawrence. Everyone kissed her ass for a long time, about how down to earth she was, how funny, cool and what a great actress. That was until her nude pics were leaked on the Internet last year and she went into hiding. Now the public still likes her but she is not as ubiquitous as before.


Taylor Swift/Instagram

And while I don’t think Tay has any nudes lurking, I predict something like that will happen to break her streak of good fortune. I don’t want this to happen but the public hate people getting too big/powerful/successful. This VMAs craziness was the beginning of that. It proved she isn’t universally loved, people do call her out on mistakes and she can be wrong. I just hope nothing happens to make people turn on her big time.

What do you make of this “feud”?

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