Amy Poehler talks Inside Out at the gala screening


The wonderful Amy Poehler turned up in London’s Leicester Square early Sunday morning to introduce Pixar’s latest movie Inside Out ahead of the family screening. A mini multi-coloured carpet was laid out and Poehler, who voices Joy, was joined by Pixar legend John Ratzenberger (best known for Hamm in Toy Story), director Peter Docter and producer Jonas Rivera.

Amy was so much smaller in real life than I imagined even though the heels she wore were sky high. She was friendly and sweet and seemed happy to sign for fans. I managed to grab a quick chat with her to talk about the process of recording Joy:

Joy is so upbeat ā€“ how did you maintain her energy in the recording room?

Well we recorded it over a couple of years so I had to stand up and act her out but you know in the film Joy also gets sad so there were moments when it was just quiet talking and crying so it was a little bit of both.

What is like working in the studio without the other actors there?

I did get to work a little bit with the wonderful Phyllis Smith who plays Sadness and we had Richard Kind who plays Bing Bong so I had a few lucky days.

What message do you hope kids come away from the movie with?

I hope they realise and understand that it is okay to not always be happy. And to laugh!


Peter Docter also filled us in one which emotions didn’t make it to the final five of Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness. He said: “As we were going we also had Pride, we had Hope… we had Schadenfreude at one point… we had a larger cast but it starts to get diffused. We thought five was a good group to keep a good banter back and forth but small enough to really know.”

I took sooo many pictures of Amy and you can check them out below (with a couple of John thrown in for good measure):

The film is released on 24th July. Check out my review.

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