Don’t judge Suicide Squad by its trailer


The official trailer for Suicide Squad was released yesterday after it was leaked from Comic Con over the weekend. The trailer had been put together to give fans who had queued for hours to get into the panel a taster of what was to come, but Warner Bros/DC Comics never wanted it available for the public, yet they were forced to do so as there were so many poor quality, leaked versions everywhere. This is why I urge you to not judge the trailer – it simply isn’t ready.

If the Warner publicity department wanted the trailer available online, it would have done so after the panel, like they did for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The problem was, in keeping it from us, they encouraged everyone (me included) to the leaked versions, which had poor sound and was taken from weird angles. In the days between the leak and the official release, Sue Kroll from Warners said, “It’s unfortunate and ultimately damaging that one individual broke a long-standing trust we have enjoyed with our fans at the convention by posting early material, which, at this point, was not intended for a wider audience. We are still in production on Suicide Squad, and will have a big campaign launch in the future.”


But the damage had been done and they failed to get all the leaked videos taken down so what came online yesterday is not how the first official trailer would have looked, but Warner would rather people watch a decent version of the Comic Con footage than the poor one.

The trailer has completely divided people. I don’t have much knowledge of the comics or the characters so I thought it was pretty good. It was dark, creepy and different, but I’m still not sold on the concept. I didn’t really understand what was going on but at least we had an introduction to some key characters, most notably Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and The Joker (Jared Leto). Leto was always going to have some big shoes to fill as Heath Ledger’s Joker was INCREDIBLE. He won an Oscar for his performance for crying out loud. But I still liked Leto’s performance. He is totally nuts, psychotic and his appearance is hella creepy.


So yeah, we haven’t got the full picture but that’s because the film is still shooting – they don’t have all the footage, which means a lot of stuff is still missing, especially the effects. I was surprised they even had something to show at Comic Con to be honest, especially as it doesn’t come out until August 2016. So here’s the trailer, but approach with caution, it is not what Warner Bros intended. Let me know if you like/hate it and why.



  1. I think this film will be amazing! Will surprise a lot of people.


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