In defence of Ariana Grande


I have to write this because I am so astounded by the furore surrounded by Ariana Grande and the so-called ‘doughnut gate’. When I watched the surveillance video from the doughnut shop earlier this week, I ignored her “doughnut licking” and “anti-American comments” because I thought the story was about her making out with a dancer, so colour me surprised how out of control this story has become. It has been overblown and I feel so sorry for her because I don’t think she has anything to be sorry for.

So, in case you have been living in a hole, Grande is accused of licking doughnuts displayed on a counter in California store, but if you have actually seen the video, you cannot tell that she actually does it. Sure, her tongue gets close to the sugary treats but you cannot say she did it – it looked to me like she was joking around with her buddies to see who could get close without being noticed.


Also, her “I hate America!” comments were obviously a joke, so I cannot believe she has been forced to apologise for this. I frivolously say I hate stuff all the time and this infuriates me when her words are taken out of context. It is SO obvious she didn’t mean it.

Problem is, Ariana actually made it worse with her apology because she kept the story going and gave it more momentum. But her first apology sucked because she didn’t really say sorry – she didn’t need to do it, she would have been better off staying quiet, but if you are going to apologise, then do it properly. She basically just deflected her responsibility by moaning about the rate of obesity in the U.S.

To be fair to her though, she realised this and issued a proper heartfelt apology video (which you can see in full below). Here’s a quote:

“I feel like the apology that I posted, I missed my opportunity to actually sincerely apologise and express how I was feeling because I was too busy preaching about my issues with the food industry which I was not relative (I think she means relevant).”

Hopefully that is the end to this ridiculous story. I’m not a huge fan and I do believe she is a bit of a diva but she has earned my respect for her video because she was honest, sincere, she took responsibility and didn’t try to excuse or justify her actions. She also admitted how “disgusted” “embarrassed” and “disappointed” she was by her behaviour.

This has been well and truly blown out of proportion and she didn’t deserve it. In my eyes, she did nothing wrong and she did not have to do this image-management stuff.


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