The Human Centipede 3: Film Review


The first Human Centipede was vile, the Full Sequence was obscene and this is just as disgusting, of course. My main issue is that it may work if there was some story, some characterisation or something interesting going on – but there’s not, and it’s so goddamn boring and relentlessly gory and sexually nasty in the most grotesque way that only hardcore horror fans will stomach it.

Previous Centipede actors Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey star as prison warden Bill Boss and his accountant Dwight, who take inspiration from the previous movies and decide to create a 500-person centipede out of the inmates to keep the crime down. Yep, that is literally the plot and they managed to make it last 100 minutes.


There are many problems but the most clear being is that there is nothing else to do with the actual centipede creation. We have seen it twice already so the sewing mouth to ass and watching someone poop in another’s mouth has been done, so instead this one makes the centipede itself only about 30 minutes of the film and the rest is watching Boss’ depraved treatment of the prisoners, which is so, so rank.

Laser cannot act. He literally just screams everything and it becomes unbearable. The only female Bree Olsen is used as a semen receptacle and I cannot understand why Eric Roberts, the only actually star, would sign on for this. This is literally skanky acts cobbled together with the weakest script in the world. Don’t go see it. It is so not worth your money.

Released in limited cinemas 10th July 

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