Michael Pena & Michael Douglas talk Ant-Man


Michael Pena, who is a total scene stealer in the upcoming Ant-Man, talked to us at this week’s London premiere about being preparing for the part of Scott Lang’s crime partner Luis and potential sequels.

Why Ant-Man is a different kind of a superhero movie 

“This is a different kind of Marvel movie, this is more of like a heist movie, really fun, kind of a crowd pleaser, I mean we hope.”

On preparing for the part

“I watched a lot of Marvel movies. Basically I really watched a lot of Iron Man cos there’s a lot of humour in those than all the other ones but I was imitating someone for this part so I hope it works out.” He later revealed on stage he based it on someone he knew that had got his girlfriend pregnant at 15.

Do you want to be in any more? “I pray to God”


Michael Douglas, who plays Dr. Hank Pym also spoke on the stage about why it was a no-brainer saying yes to the role:

“This was something I’ve waited a long time for and actually this is the first time anybody’s asked me to be in of these… This is like the first movie of my career as far as they’re (his kids) concerned, mind you for a few years there I had a few R rated movies that they weren’t able to see but in particular my son Dylan, when the first Ant-Man script arrived he said ‘don’t even bothered looking at it dad, just do it, there’s a whole new audience out there.'”

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