Paul Rudd talks Ant-Man, Civil War & Evangeline Lilly fight

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd

The latest Marvel superhero, the Ant-Man himself Paul Rudd, came to London town to promote the release and here’s what he had to say about landing the job, wearing the suit for the first time and returning to the role for Captain America: Civil War.

On getting the part 

“I know that people would never really associate me with this kind of movie and so the idea that I was going to get to play a superhero and work within the Marvel Universe was just the coolest thing ever.”

On putting on the Ant-Man suit for the first time

“I felt like a little kid. I didn’t want to take it off because you feel like a superhero… it’s a cool-looking suit, I think it’s the coolest looking suit, and when they put the helmet on my head I just, you know, there’s a scene in the movie where I’m looking in the mirror and I’m looking around and checking myself out, that was the first scene we shot in the suit and I was giddy. It was unreal.”

Why the Ant-Man suit is the best Marvel superhero suit 

“One of the things I like about it is its vintage look, its scuffed up, that suit has seen some use and so I think that’s really, really cool and I could walk around in it, it wasn’t too restricted.”

On getting fit and healthy for the shoot 

“It was the strangest thing, waking up at 7 in the morning and feeling fantastic. It was a new feeling for me.”

On taking a punch from Evangeline Lilly 

“It was a dream come true… she’s tough, she’s an athlete, she knows how to punch.”

On filming Civil War

“I went and shot some stuff for Captain America 3 and it made this whole joining the Marvel Universe thing even more surreal and exciting than finishing the movie because all of a sudden, I’m standing around people who I’ve seen in Avengers movies, it was really cool.”


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  1. […] Paul Rudd talks about the suit, Evangeline Lilly & Civil War […]


  2. […] Paul Rudd talks about the suit, Evangeline Lilly & Civil War […]


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