Pictures from the Ant-Man London premiere



Tonight the stars of Marvel’s latest superhero movie Ant-Man arrived on the ant carpet – yes, you read that right – ANT CARPET, in London’s Leicester Square. Paul Rudd was obviously there plus his co-stars Michael Douglas, Michael Pena and director Peyton Reed. Evangeline Lilly was not there but she is eight months pregnant, so that’s okay.


Paul spent so much time signing for fans that he was 15 minutes late to his own premiere. He is seemed slightly overwhelmed – which is understandable as he has never been to something of this size overseas but he was his usual jokey self and was so damn charming. As you can tell, I’m a fan!

Michael Douglas brought along his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and their children Dylan and Carys and they all posed for pictures. You can see them walking the ant carpet in my clip below:

Douglas was rocking this awesome pair of old man style slippers which I thought were incredible. At 70, I’ve always thought he was doing well for his age but at the premiere, he seemed really fragile. I noticed him stumble a couple of times and he seemed unbalanced. He did sign for a decent portion of the crowd and spoke to half the media, but he went inside as he was tired. He still managed to give enthusiastic answers though! He did more than I expected him too.

Michael Pena and Peyton Reed were also great guys and made a serious effort to sign for fans! Check out all my pics in the thumbnails below.


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