Ted 2: Film Review


Although Ted was a commercial and critical success back in 2012, I was still quite surprised when the sequel was announced because I didn’t think the storyline lent itself to anything more. And that does show here as the plot is pretty thin and it is more of the same. It’s still pretty good fun though.

Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), the magical teddy bear who came to life, is now married to Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). They want to have a baby, but with Ted having no male appendage, they look at their options, which is when they discover Ted is not recognised as a person and his legal rights are taken away. Obviously Ted and his best pal John (Mark Wahlberg) hire a lawyer, Sam (Amanda Seyfried), and embark on an historic civil rights case.


This is all about MacFarlane’s brand of humour, so if he doesn’t float your boat then this will suck. For me, about 70% of the jokes worked and 30% either weren’t funny, or they were too crass/gross/controversial or they were said too quickly so I didn’t catch it. Specifically, I hated pretty much everything John’s former co-worker Guy (Patrick Warburton) said. I did not find that guy funny at all! The banter between Ted and John is my favourite thing and Wahlberg does it so well considering Ted is CGed in later. Seyfried plays off them really well and I love the jokes about her appearance.


There are a lot of popular culture references in this so whether you get them or not determines how funny you find it. As a lover of Jurassic Park, I love the recreation of the first dinosaur spot for their discovery of a pot farm (“They’re moving in herds, they do move in herds”). Like I said, the plot is loose and in some places, it does feel like ‘bits’ or sketches strung together, but some of them are brilliant – especially the scenes in the fertility clinic and Ted’s opening dance number. The celebrity cameos are great too, especially Liam Neeson, Tom Brady and Jay Leno.

Basically, if you liked Ted, you will enjoy this. It is easy watching and I haven’t laughed out loud that hard in ages, but also haven’t gone silent at jokes in ages either – it has both extremes but at least it’s never boring. I would still say the first one is better.

Released in cinemas Wednesday 8th July 

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