Terminator Genisys: Film Review


This is a hard one to write simply because I really like The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day so I came into Terminator Genisys annoyed already because I want them to be left alone, I don’t feel like the Terminator franchise needed any more sequels and because this one completely f**ks with the original storyline.

This is not a reboot – it is a reimagining. As we previously knew, John Connor, the leader of the human resistance against the machines sends his right-hand man Kyle Reese back to the 1980s to save his mum Sarah, who is being hunted by a Terminator so she can be killed and John can never be born. Well, in Genisys, Reese goes back but Sarah is not some helpless waitress, she is a kickass warrior who has known the fate of the future since she was nine as a good Terminator came to Earth to protect her. New Sarah (Emilia Clarke), new Kyle (Jai Courtney) and the aging T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) must once again stop Skynet wiping out humanity by jumping to 2017 to stop the rollout of the app, Genisys, the precursor to Judgment Day.


First, this makes no damn sense. Most time travel stories aren’t logical and you just have to go with it, but it was really hard for me to do that here because I just kept thinking ‘uuuhhh?’ The film is pretty much a reboot until Kyle enters 1984 and then explanations for time jumps are blurted out too quick so you don’t know what is going on. Why go to 2017 to stop ‘judgment day’ when that day of doom as always been in 1997?! I was very confused. I felt like Skynet’s timeline was completely changed for no reason. The more you try to rationalise it, the more frustrating it becomes.

The second thing is that it doesn’t add anything new. It’s like the film makers want to keep making money off the franchise but there is no new direction to go, so it changes everything we previously knew just for the hell of it. We have seen a lot of it before, like the liquid metal T-1000, the jokes when the T-800 tries to do human stuff (those gags still work on me!) and the blowing up of Cyberdyne Industries. Some genuinely awesome moments – like the school bus flip on the Golden Gate Bridge and John Connor (Jason Clarke) coming back as a Terminator – were already given away in the trailer so it loses its power here.


That is not to say it is terrible. I did not hate it but it is simply no match for James Cameron’s efforts and why rewrite a story people know and love? What’s the point? I liked Emilia Clarke, I believed her as Connor, although she will never beat Linda Hamilton, and it was fun seeing Arnie lampoon his age. The plot is a total mess, the dialogue is standard action fare and it is pretty forgettable. I think The Terminator should be left alone now guys.

In cinemas now 

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