Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money video is the greatest


All hail queen Ri! Rihanna had been known for making awesome videos for a while but since coming back from her long break earlier this year, she hasn’t really been talked about or created much buzz. Her songs were good, but not holy crap amazing, and the videos were pretty dull. So the Bitch Better Have My Money (BBHMM) music video proves SHE IS BACK, and she is the boss and not someone to be messed with.

Music videos are generally a promotional tool for singles, but BBHMM was actually released in March – three months ago! – so this is kinda unnecessary, but I am so glad she did it. The song lends itself to this badass, gangster style video and I cannot praise it enough.


It is like a mini movie and it goes perfectly with the song. Essentially, she kidnaps the wife/girlfriend of an accountant who has messed up her finances to make him give her money back but when he doesn’t she turns nasty. There is a lot of nudity, drugs and blood but I dig that. The casting of Eric Roberts gave it star power and Mads Mikkelsen as the vulnerable “Bitch” was genius as he is most known for being the villain in movies/TV.


Rihanna co-directed this and she needs props because it looks amazing and so stylish. I could gush about this all day and watch it even more! This was so worth the wait and exactly what music videos should be – provocative, cinematic and in keeping with the song. It is very ambitious move and it definitely paid off. I’m sure there are plenty of people who will criticise it but to hell with them. It’s awesome. My favourite moments are when she beats the crap out of a pay phone, when she sunbathes with the unconscious woman and obviously, when she laying naked, bloody in a case on cash:




And of course the video:


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