Magic Mike XXL cast surprise at advance screening


The cast of the new Magic Mike XXL surprised the audience at an advanced screening in London tonight and the crowd went nuts!!

It wasn’t so much of a surprise for me as the walkway where I’ve seen celebs come from before had a lot of activity and the screening started 15 minutes late so I just knew something was going to happen – but most other people didn’t. What made it even better was that they weren’t given an introduction – Channing Tatum literally poked his head into the cinema and started talking, and it took a few beats for people to realise what the hell was going on.


He came out first to loads of cheers and wooping, with a camera man recording the whole thing, and told us how jetlagged he was and excited for us to see the movie. One woman yelled out if he would marry her and he said ‘I don’t know what you said’, not sure if he was messing or if he truly didn’t understand.


He then brought out (as you can see from the above picture), from left to right, producer Reid Carolin, director Gregory Jacobs, Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez and Joe Manganiello. They each had a time on the mic basically saying the same thing – they hope we enjoy it. Amber was really bashful and shy and I don’t think she made a coherent sentence except ‘you guys don’t want to hear from me’. Reid told us to ‘listen to the words’ and Channing said ‘get your coins out to throw them at the screen!’

I was excited to watch the movie anyway and it is such good fun (review on its way), but this appearance just topped it off!

See more pics below.

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