Taylor Swift at British Summer Time: Review


Unless you have been living in a hole this weekend, you know Taylor Swift brought the 1989 World Tour to London’s Hyde Park. It is her biggest audience to date – 65,000 to be exact, which is a hell of a lot of peeps. And she did not let that overwhelming amount of faces affect her performance. She brought it and was so entertaining.

Now, I am a super fan of Taylor Swift but I am not going to just write this saying ‘she is amazing’ over and over again, as there were a few points of criticism I have to make. They are minor, but I want get those out of the way so I can rave about the rest of the show.


I personally loved her costume changes, especially her opening sparkly jacket and skirt number, but maybe there were too many? She would sing two songs and then go under the stage again and while I was happy watching the amazing dancers in this time, I did overhear a group of women moaning how stop-start the show was. These are the same people who grumbled when Taylor began one of many speeches about friendship, love and insecurities etc. Those speeches don’t really fit in with the British mentality and some of them did go on for a while, but the girls they were aimed at LOVED this. I actually found some of her lines super inspiring, such as “you are not somebody else’s opinion of you”. Personally, I enjoy it when singers talk in between so we can get some personality, rather than simple song introduction. And she was so well spoken considering how many people she was talking to!


Back to the happy stuff – first of all, Taylor is only artist I have seen to start their show early. Second, she gave out motion-sensored glowing wristbands to 65,000 people which must have cost her a pretty penny. But it was worth it – when the sun went down, the atmosphere was incredible. And you could tell that Taylor was affected by it. A couple of times I thought I saw her eyes get wet with emotion (although I was miles away, as you can tell from these pics). It takes a special kind of person to be able to perform in front of that crowd, and sometimes only armed with an acoustic guitar and a voice, while miles in the air on an elevated walkway. I enjoyed those acoustic moments a lot as you could really hear Taylor – sometimes she’s overpowered by the music.


My highlights were: 1) We Are Never Getting Back Together because of the audience participation, the new rockier arrangement and the background video was amazing (it reminded me of the Seven Nation Army video). 2) Bad Blood – Taylor wore this amazing black leather outfit and it was nice to hear the single version of it live. 3) Shake It Off – this was the encore song and everyone went nuts. Tay and the dancers were performing on the elevated runaway, which kept moving, the visuals were so bright and colourful and the audience were dancing so much and the wristbands made it all incredible. It ended the show on such a high!


And obviously the main highlight was Style. Taylor has been bringing some of her ‘squad’ onstage with her during this song for a little runaway action and I predicted our very own Cara Delevingne would come on, and I was right, but I had no idea how many others would join as well. Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt and Karlie Kloss are pretty standard squad additions (they are in the Bad Blood video after all) but it was still epic to see them there – did they travel to London for that especially?! But the most exciting was Kendall Jenner (I didn’t know they were friends) and Serena freakin’ Williams. How cool is that?! She is the only one not a model but she still worked it and she got a massive cheer. Cara also did but I think the massive Union Jack flag helped. I also loved that she was in jeans and sneakers whereas the others were glam. Can you believe Cara, Kendall and Gigi then flew straight to Glasto to watch Kanye play?! (Video of Style is at the very bottom)


Taylor’s friends aren’t just limited to Style either – videos of her pals talking about her play during costume changes, so you have Lena Dunham, Selena Gomez, Cara (again), Jaime King, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, Haim and her BFF Abigail Anderson talking about how great she is etc. There is also an adorable video of Taylor and her famous cats.

So yes, there were minor issues with the show but it was bloody entertaining and absolutely worth the money. She commands that stage and her audience and her songs are so good for singing along to. So enjoyable. I am smiling just thinking about it. Brilliant night.


For pictures of atmosphere, John Newman & Ellie Goulding click on the thumbnails below.




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