Why you must read The Circle novel before the movie


This week it was announced that Emma Watson would play the lead role in the film adaptation of the 2013 Dave Eggers novel The Circle. It is a technology thriller about a massive Silicon Valley tech giant (like Google or Apple) who gradually unite all the users’ needs, social networks, all Internet activities to the company, so it has almost totalitarian power and can see what anyone is doing at any given time. Here’s why you need to read the book first:

1. It may have been scaremongering, but I truly believe that everything that happens in The Circle will happen in real life as tech companies get more and more power and use more and more of our information. They will essentially own us. Whenever I read new tech developments, in my head I think ‘that is so The Circle’. They are going to take over the world – Eggers can predict the future, man.

2. It really is a scary story because Watson’s character Mae, a new worker at The Circle, is essentially brainwashed into thinking it is okay to have no privacy and to be accountable for her actions 24/7. The leaders (one of which is played by Tom Hanks!) convince her that withholding privacy means you have something to hide, which is dangerous. They have such a monopoly on the market that everyone uses their products, and treat those who like their privacy and aren’t constantly contactable with caution.


3. Mae has promiscuous sex in the movie and I will be absolutely amazed if this makes the movie, especially now Emma is onboard. Mae sleeps with this random dude called Kalden – she has no idea who he is or what he does at The Circle – but they met up, have sex and then she can never reach him. This storyline is actually important in the end, but I doubt any of the sex will be included. Bummer.

4. The ending is bleak (I won’t give it away) and I truly could not believe it. The ending left me reeling for ages afterwards and I just cannot imagine the studio giving the green light to such a hopeless ending.

5. I just don’t know if the film will be as much as a thriller as the book – for example, will we see somebody be killed while being chased by The Circle? Will Mae’s friend Annie really go properly mental?

Basically, I am happy a movie is being made about The Circle because I want to talk to about it with more people and I want everyone to know about the dangers of tech and what our world could become!! However, with Emma Watson I have my doubts that it will be watered down and not as adult as the book. I would encourage any one to read the book anyway, but definitely make sure you check it out before watching the film.

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