She’s Funny That Way: Film Review


She’s Funny That Way is a sweet, little ensemble comedy that harkens back to the old screwball capers where everything goes wrong, the web of characters gets all entangled and it is a joy watching it all unravel.

Imogen Poots plays Isabella, an actress being interviewed about how she got her first big break. She recalls her time working as an escort, who gets hired by director Arnold (Owen Wilson). Their secret affair threatens to go public when Isabella auditions for Arnold’s Broadway play, for the part of a call girl. The play also stars Arnold’s wife (Kathryn Hahn), leading man Seth (Rhys Ifans) and is written by Joshua (Will Forte). Her therapist Jane (Jennifer Aniston) also gets involved when an old judge develops an unhealthy obsession with Isabella.


It sounds like there is too much stuff going on, but it actually works really well and it is so easy to follow. I love how the connections between these characters keep building and building until we reach the climax and all hell breaks loose. It is funny and the classic comedy music really helped that old school feel.

Besides Imogen’s inconsistent Brooklyn accent, the ensemble cast was brilliant and I especially loved Aniston’s character Jane. She takes no shit and really has an abrupt, cutting therapy style. I found it exciting waiting for secrets to be found out and I found the characterisation and dialogue really sweet and clever. This is perfect for an easy Sunday afternoon.

Released Friday 26th June 

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