Slow West: Film Review


Kodi Smit-McPhee leads this unconventional Western as Jay, a Scottish boy who is travelling through 19th Century mid-America to find his missing sweetheart when he is forced to be accompanied by the mysterious Silas (Michael Fassbender) who has ulterior motives.

This is essentially a road movie set in the dangerous terrain of gun-toting America and you have absolutely no idea what is going to happen. It is quite a slow-burner and at first, you wonder if anything is going to happen at all but then it gets going and damn, it really ramps up and sprints to the finish. The final showdown is absolutely brilliant and the snappy 84-minute run time leaves you wanting more.


This has a mixture of everything – from bloody action to humour – and I was surprised to be laughing at first as it didn’t seem like the type of film I should be laughing at. But some moments were hilarious, but then serious the next. The balance seemed to work and I enjoyed it. My favourite scenes include the last showdown and when Jay drunkenly stumbles upon a different camp.

I’m not familiar with McPhee’s work so I was so surprised to find out he isn’t Scottish as his accent was quality. You see the film through this naive, innocent eyes and he has great chemistry with Fassbender while Ben Mendelsohn has a small scene-stealing part as a former friend of Silas. I can’t praise this enough. You may be sceptical in the beginning, but will get to the finish wishing you could have watched more.

Released Friday 26th June 


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