In defence of Jurassic World’s 12A certificate


An article was published in The Mail on Sunday today which suggested that Jurassic World was too scary to be a 12A and it got me worked up, because this another example of parents not informing themselves and then moaning about their children being frightened while in the cinema. Jurassic World is aimed squarely at 12 and overs, and parents should realise the ‘A’ part means children are able to see a film, but that doesn’t they should.

The 12A was introduced in 2002, allowing children under 12 to see a 12 certificate when accompanied by a parent. But some parents seemed to equate this to being the same as PG – but it is not at all. The content is more adult, more scary but not to the extent where it needs to be a 15.


When I was watching Jurassic World, I didn’t see anything that I would consider too terrifying. I actually thought Jurassic Park was more scary when it came out in 1993 and that was a PG! My parents didn’t take me to the cinema though, so I could cower behind the sofa in the comfort of my own home. Jurassic World is squarely a 12A as it is a great family film, with a sense of adventure and hints of threat and blood on occasion. Parents should read the BBFC guidelines to learn more about the film’s content so they are informed before taking their children.

I have seen Jurassic World in the cinema twice. In the first instance, I groaned when I saw a group of children walk in because I thought they would talk throughout the whole thing, but they were fine. The second time I could not believe a parent brought in a kid that looked about 4-5. He needed a booster seat to watch it, and the parent thought that was okay to bring him to a scary dinosaur movie?! Having the child there ruined my experience because it cried and had to be taken outside twice. That is not necessarily to do with fear, it could be because the kid had got bored and uncomfortable during a movie that lasts more than two hours.

In other words, this article annoyed me because it laid blame with the studio and the BBFC for giving it that certificate, when the blame lays squarely with parents. How could you possibly think a 5 year old is good to watch a 12A? I could understand 9-10 years, but anything younger needs serious consideration. Parents need to inform themselves otherwise they will waste their money and ruin the cinema experience for themselves and everyone else.

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