My top 5 Orange is the New Black characters


Orange is the New Black returned with a bang last week and I personally think this season is the best. Each character has found their groove, I have laughed more than ever and the back stories are even more hard hitting. This is one of the only shows that has so many characters that are all so different, with unique voices, stories, backgrounds and cultures. I find them so fascinating. So before I gush over the show too much, here’s my favourite Litchfield inmates.


Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley) 

I have always liked Poussey but she really began to shine for me in season 2 with her backstory episode, about being a lesbian on an army base in Germany, and then her battle with Vee and her crush on Taystee. And she gets even more to do in season 3 with her alcoholism, hoping Norma will heal her problems and pestering Crazy Eyes for her erotic stories. I also love the way she talks, her friendship with Taystee (I’m so glad they are friends now!) and she is so pretty – when she gets upset, I want to give her a hug!



Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne)

She wasn’t in series three much but I’m so fond of her that she gets to stay in my top 5. She just does not give a shit and I LIKE that. I was so sad when she went down to max for her heroin stash and I was praying she would return, but nooo. It’s a shame and I definitely missed her humour, her huge messy hair and how upfront she is about lesbian sex.



Black Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) 

This has little to do with her storyline but her whole attitude. She cracks me up the most and is just so sassy. I probably don’t care for her as much as some of the others but she is so damn cool, and she gets some of the best jokes. I would miss her if she left.



Lorna Morello (Yael Stone) 

First of all, I love her look and her accent. Secondly, her backstory is my favourite. We kinda knew the whole wedding to Christopher was a bit delusional, but until her episode in season 2, you didn’t really know quite how messed up she actually is. She has serious psychological problems but she is such a hopeless romantic. I warmed to her first in the beginning so I still have a soft spot for her now. She is just so troubled, vulnerable and cute!



Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) 

I would not have put her on here in the first two seasons because she was pretty whiny, annoying and self-obsessed but I love her transformation this season. She is starting to work the system in her favour, she has no more Larry issues, I like her relationship with Alex and her dirty panty scheme is genius.

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