Madonna vs Taylor Swift: Whose has the best star-studded video?



Madonna has dropped the music video to Bitch I’m Madonna and people are pegging it as a rival Taylor Swift‘s star-studded promo for Bad Blood but it doesn’t even come close, despite having way bigger names. For a start, Madonna’s came out exclusively on Tidal, which is a pain in the arse in itself and half of these celebs weren’t actually at the filming – they were just added afterwards!

With Bad Blood, Taylor roped in friends and they each had a character, decent screen time and the video had a story. They probably didn’t shoot their scenes all at the same time but their interactions with Taylor at least seemed real. It was epic. In comparison, Madonna’s video is simply a party scene with a few cameos thrown in. It isn’t the same.


As far as I can tell, the bigger stars – Katy Perry, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Kanye West (that was a surprise!) – weren’t actually there. When you watch the video, you can tell their bits were filmed separately and edited in. Beyonce’s doesn’t even look remotely in the same place!! And they don’t contribute anything except to say ‘oh look, there’s Miley Cyrus’ because all they do is lip synch ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ before they are gone again.


Nicki can be forgiven, she features as a rapper on this track and during her verse, she appears on a TV screen while Madonna and her dancers perform around her. Rita Ora, Chris Rock, Diplo, Alexander Wang and the GORGEOUS model Jon Kortajarena also appear in the actual video.


It is still pretty cool that all these people agreed to do it. Yes, their appearances are very blink-and-you’ll-miss-it but they didn’t have to do it. I would have loved it way more had they actually been there dancing and partying with Madonna, whereas these cutaways to big celebs makes it looks like they were just added in post-production as she thought it would be a good marketing gimmick. I don’t see this as a challenge to Taylor – she inspired the idea and her video is a mini-movie, so this does not come close. I think Madonna and the other Tidal promoters saw a Bad Blood-style promo as a great opportunity to push the service (which has already pissed me off!)

It is, of course, exclusive to Tidal, but you can watch it here: and read my review of Bad Blood.

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