Jurassic World: Film Review


I love Jurassic Park, it is one of my favourite films, so I approached this with fear because I didn’t want the legacy to be ruined. The trailers didn’t completely win me over so I approached the release with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, but I needn’t have worried – Jurassic World was awesome and it showed a lot of respect to Steven Spielberg’s 1993 original.

Colin Trevorrow takes over directing duties in this sequel, where a fully operational dinosaur theme park is open on Isla Nublar, just like John Hammond dreamed. It is managed by Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) and to boost revenue and visitor numbers, the team have decided to create their own dinosaur by tampering with genetics. They have created the Indominus Rex and they want velociraptor trainer Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to scout the dino’s enclosure for weaknesses. Naturally, all hells breaks loose due to some douchebags and Claire and Owen must band together to minimise casualties and save her nephews Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray (Ty Simpkins).


I enjoyed this right from the very beginning. As a lover of the franchise (even 2 and 3) and of theme parks, it was a joy to watch how the dinos are incorporated into attractions. It felt like a real theme park and its landscape is epic. I watched some areas like the petting zoo, with mini triceratops, and the gyrosphere ride with an ‘OMG I want to do this’ amazement.

As we know from Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park ‘life finds a way’ and control soon becomes a problem as the new Rex is super smart and plots a way to escape. The T-Rex doesn’t get a huge part this time around and Grady has trained the raptors, which the baddies are hoping to weaponise. I loved the nods to Jurassic Park – from T-shirts, to music, the John Hammond statue and the visit to the old Visitors Centre. I also couldn’t tell if all the product placement – Samsung, Pandora, Mercedes Benz, Starbucks, Coke – was a comment on society and branding, or the film was genuinely riddled with placements.


This has been pitched as Pratt’s film but it belongs to Howard. Claire has more depth, a stronger arc and is badass. Her running in heels did frustrate me, but I was equally impressed. Pratt is mostly just action man eye candy (and he is super hot here!) The new children don’t have the same effect as Lex and Tim but they definitely capture modern-day kids.

My only quibble would be the CGI. The dinosaurs in the 1993 film looked more realistic than the ones this time and I wish they would have used the same techniques. Also, I didn’t fully understand the politics surrounding Ingen. But those are minor. I hold the original in such high regard and I have such affectionate nostalgia for it that Jurassic World had an uphill battle to win me over. But it did. I was sad when it was over – I wanted more and I already want to watch it again as I feel I missed a ton of injokes and details. It is a fun adventure, there is enough threat and danger to keep us tense and it did Jurassic Park proud.

In cinemas now 

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