Bradley Cooper in The Elephant Man: Review


Tonight I went to see The Elephant Man, starring Bradley Cooper, Patricia Clarkson and Alessandro Nivola. It has recently transferred to London after a successful run on Broadway. I was expecting big things as all three had been nominated for Tony Awards (nobody won though, sadly) and I was not disappointed.

I’m not going to lie, the main reason for going was Cooper and the spectacle of seeing him transform into John Merrick, the deformed Englishman known as The Elephant Man in the late 1800s. He does not use prosthetics and contorts his body in a way that is so impressive. Once you have gotten over your amazement of his physical presence, you soon forget it’s Cooper and actually get sucked into the story.



The play is pretty short, and I rarely say this, but I could have watched more. I was disappointed when it was all over. It was captivating and heartbreaking and all three had a chance to shine – Nivola (who had a perfect English accent!) excelled when his doctor character breaks down upon learning Merrick is dying and Clarkson displays such vulnerability when she goes topless to give Merrick his first glimpse of a naked woman. Those were both very powerful. It will be hard to get your hands on tickets but try if you can – it really is worth it!

Naturally, afterwards I went to the stage door and I got my ticket signed by both Cooper AND Nivola. Bradley was professional, posing for selfies and signing at a rapid rate before hopping into his car. He was nice though and he thanked me after I praised his performance! Alessandro was so cool though. He strolled out with a backpack on and signed and posed with everybody and chatted loads too. He hung around for ages and I think he walked away, perhaps to the nearest tube!


Click on the thumbails below for all my pictures.


  1. Nice review. So jealous you got Cooper to sign your ticket! 🙂
    I hope Cooper takes on some more challenging roles, in either stage or film productions as he has shown he is a very capable actor.
    I managed to see the matinee performance (they don’t do signings after those) yesterday and reviewed it today, I would be grateful if you gave it a little look.


  2. Now I view that I don’t need to worry so much concerning it.


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