Jurassic World takes over London’s Waterloo Station


To celebrate the release of Jurassic World this week (read my review) one of London’s busiest train stations has been overhauled to advertise it. Every billboard and TV screen is running posters and footage from the movie, massive signs have been hung up welcoming those arriving but the best thing has to be the velociraptors (see above) which are a brilliant photo opportunity, so naturally I…


… took a selfie!! On Friday, a shipping container appeared in the main ticket hall making weird dinosaur noises and then the raptors emerged on Monday!! They are there until the 19th June so go down and get your picture. There are attendants dressed as park keepers too! I have been a huge Jurassic Park fan for years so this was a must. Also if you post your picture on social media with the hashtag #JurassicWaterloo it may end up on this gigantic screen in the station…


And that is not all, on the mezzanine level, there is an ‘exhibition’ which describes various dinosaurs and their eating habits etc… such as this raptor one.


There is a shop selling Jurassic Park DVDs in the middle of the station calling the ‘Jurassic Traders Outpost’…



You can pick up a leaflet from the attendants which shows you where all the cool (and nerdy) stuff is, but I still couldn’t find the underground tunnel which had been transformed into an aquatic tunnel to ‘view’ sea dinos. Oh well, it is all damn cool and I just couldn’t get over how much time and effort had gone into it. Not to mention money! It is a great idea and hope they do something similar for Star Wars! It is certainly worked in getting me hyped.

For all my pictures, check the slideshow below.

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