Taron Egerton Q&A for Kingsman: The Secret Service


Apologies about the blur! He moved too fat!


So I headed to London’s Apple Store on Regent Street to catch a Q&A with Taron Egerton, the star of the BRILLIANT Kingsman: The Secret Service. He was promoting its DVD release and before I crack on with the Q&A coverage, I want to urge you all to see it because it’s bloody amazing and probably one of my favourite cinema releases this year. Here’s my review.

For the sake of openness, I want to make it known that I missed half of this session due to other commitments but I still managed to catch some interesting nuggets of information from Egerton, who I found really funny, open and down-to-earth. He is Welsh and there were times when he sounded really Welsh and other times when he didn’t at all (very strange). He made jokes, seemed to actually enjoy the session and generally seemed like a damn nice guy.

Also, after the talk finished, he spent ages signing and posing for selfies. Celebs don’t always do this at the Apple Store and he spent the longest time post-Q&A with fans than any celeb I’ve seen there before. I was very impressed but also sad that he missed us due to time constraints and (despite my blurry picture above) you can see him apologising for having to leave.


Anyway, I will stop gushing now and fill you on the interesting things he said:

Matthew Vaughn, the writer/director, wanted Taron to do a Michael Caine impression and it was going to be in a mid-credits scene. Egerton was mortified about having to do it so he was glad the scene was cut and he has been promised it will never see the light of day (anyone else really want to see that scene now?!)

– First thing he noticed when meeting Michael Caine was the size of his hands – they are apparently like “bin lids” compared to Taron’s “girl hands”

– He didn’t read any of Mark Millar’s comics before getting the part. It didn’t really matter as his character Eggsy was new anyway.

– When he watched himself in Kingsman the first time, he could barely talk afterwards because he was so overwhelmed. He was not prepared as he had not watched any rough footage during production. When he watched it first time, he was watching in a very vain way, but the second time he could actually enjoy the movie. He has since watched it about ten times!

– Taron trained at RADA and wants to go back on the stage. He has not done theatre in two years and he is really hoping an opportunity will come up soon so he can tread the boards again



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