Pretty Little Liars season premiere: My thoughts


At the end of last season, Pretty Little Liars showrunner I. Marlene King promised us that series six would be the one where we get answers, even suggesting we would get huge reveals off the bat. But no, we got nothing but more questions again. Pretty Little Liars always does this to me and yet I always hope it will be different – that this time, they will give us satisfying solutions. Last night, the hashtag #summerofanswers was trending on Twitter and that got me excited for answers and there was literally none. Boo!

I did like the episode though. I’m glad it continued from where we left off in the dollhouse rather than jumping forward in time when they are all back in Rosewood. However, the three week time jump was still jarring as it was not explained how Alison’s murder conviction was overturned or why Andrew was public enemy no. 1. I really enjoyed Ezra, Ali and Caleb teaming up to find the girls and even Toby stopped being high and mighty to use his police intel.


But no matter how good the episode was, I still can’t shake the feeling that I’ve been short changed or conned out of the answers we are all desperately owed. I had convinced myself we would know significantly more about Charles after the premiere but we know nothing more. We are still in the same position we were in a few months back! King promised resolutions in the first half of season six and I am holding her to that. I just want to know: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!

Main questions from episode Game On, Charles:

1. What happened in those rooms in those three weeks? The noises coming out of the rooms were not great.

2. How did Alison’s murder conviction get overturned? I know this happened after the police realised Mona wasn’t dead – but how do they have concrete proof of that?

3. How has Andrew Campbell become the prime suspect?

4. Who is this Sara and why is she important?


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