Spy: Film Review


I was not excited about Spy at all because the trailer sucked and I thought ‘this better not be the level of humour’ as the comedy highlights shown weren’t funny to me. So my expectations for this were super low and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it and it is truly hilarious. I would recommend you all completely ignore the trailer!

Melissa McCarthy stars as Susan, a CIA operative who is stuck behind her desk instructing top James Bond-style agent Bradley (Jude Law) via an earpiece. Once the villain Raina (Rose Byrne) learns the identity of all the active agents, Susan volunteers to go into the field – with hilarious consequences.


The best thing about this movie is Jason Statham. He has never done a comedy before and should do more because he is so funny. I laughed at literally everything he said because he takes the piss out of himself and his over-the-top action movies. He is sending himself up and we get to see a vulnerable side to him as well. I don’t generally love Miranda Hart, I don’t find her own brand of comedy funny, but here she was perfect and her chemistry with Melissa was fab.

There is nobody I didn’t like. This is my favourite Melissa McCarthy movie since Bridesmaids and that is high praise because I enjoyed The Heat a lot. She gets to kick ass, do her own stunts and wear a ton of ridiculous clothes and wigs. You would think she would take a backseat in the action stakes to Law and Statham, but oh no, she’s the action star here and it’s very refreshing.


This is a perfect combination of action and comedy and for someone who loves the spy genre, I really appreciate the tongue-in-cheek parody of James Bond type movies. This most obvious in the Bond-style opening credits. This is so enjoyable and the audience of my screening were laughing out loud regularly. Go see!

In cinemas Friday 5th June 


  1. Uhggggg!!! Horrid movie, don’t waste your time!


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