Top Films for June


A new month is upon us and it brings an interesting mix of blockbuster, indie, comedy, horror and action. Plenty for everybody! I’ve picked the movies I want to see this June.


Melissa McCarthy stars as a CIA operative always stuck behind a desk instructing James Bond-type spy Bradley (Jude Law). That is until the villain Raina (Rose Byrne) learns the identity of all the active agents, so McCarthy must go into the field. This is hilarious! Review coming soon. Released: 5th June

Jurassic World

I am highly anticipating this with a mixture of excitement and dread. I love the Jurassic Park franchise (even the third one!) so I really, really don’t want this to be bad. The trailer hasn’t given me 100% faith so I’m keeping my expectations in check. Chris Pratt better do me proud! Released: 12th June




I haven’t seen all the TV show but I love films set inside the film industry and all the insider pop culture jokes. The series was funny and the main guys are just the best, so I imagine this will be more of the same. I will be playing spot the celebrity cameo! Released: 19th June

Mr. Holmes

I groaned when this was announced because we’ve had a lot of Sherlock Holmes on screen in recent years, but this is a refreshing take as we get to see the detective in his retirement. Sir Ian McKellen plays Holmes as he reflects on his life and one particular unsolved case. Released: 19th June



Knock, Knock

Keanu Reeves stars as a happily married man whose life is flipped upside down when two young women knock on his door needing help. This house invasion looks scary and tense. I would say don’t watch the trailer as seems to tell you the whole damn movie. Released: 26th June


Our favourite yellow fellas are back! The minions were the best thing about Despicable Me so it’s no surprise they landed their own movie. This is a prequel which stars Kevin, Stuart and Bob who travel to a villain convention to land the coveted job as servants to Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock). Released: 26th June

Slow West

Kodi Smit-McPhee leads this unconventional Western as Jay, a Scottish boy who is travelling through 19th Century mid-America to find his missing sweetheart when he is forced to be accompanied by the mysterious Silas (Michael Fassbender) who has ulterior motives. This is tense, yet strangely funny. It’s an odd mix but it totally works. Released: 26th June

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