Spy: London premiere coverage


The stars of upcoming action comedy film Spy graced the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square tonight and considering there is a big comedy cast, the only one remotely entertaining was Jason Statham!


Melissa McCarthy was lovely and looked fab (she’s lost a ton of weight!) but she seemed pretty overwhelmed, which is fair enough as this is her first London premiere as a star, so she didn’t stand out or work the crowd, she just got on with her job. Understandable. Miranda Hart and Allison Janney went in the cinema pretty quick after signing for fans. As a journalist, I was so bummed neither of those two wanted to do press – you know, since they’re here to promote a movie. I am such a fan of Allison, so I was pretty sad about this! Jude Law (who has seen better days in the hair department, just sayin’) was the same, but I never expected him to speak to us anyway!


But Jason, oh wow, he seemed to sign for EVERYBODY. Usually the celebs are told where to go and when and the press/pictures are supposed to come first. But he didn’t do that – he signed for fans the entire time, shunned the press completely and was just simply entertaining to watch, which is why I wasn’t annoyed about him skipping the media. He seemed to be having a great time and it appeared he brought friends along as he was hugging and posing with loads of people on the carpet.


Luckily, I managed to grab a word with Bollywood star Nargis Fakri about her awesome kitchen fight scene with Melissa and the Bridesmaids star also had plenty to say on the topic.

Nargis: “It didn’t take a lot of time when you were doing it cos you sort of prepped, you do a lot of takes and I got hurt.” 

Melissa: “I hit her lovely hands quite a few times. We were fighting with our hands, weird knives and breadsticks… things go wrong and she’s very long-limbed and I would step in or she would step in. It’s kind of the nature of it. You can only control it that much in this full fight where you’re pushing and shoving as hard as you can… things happen.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the rest of my pictures.

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