Man Up: Film Review


I feel like I haven’t seen a proper British romantic comedy in ages. The genre has been pretty unpopular in recent years, or new films try to subvert the regular formula, whereas Man Up unabashedly stays true what they should be, and it is a lot of fun.

Lake Bell plays Nancy, a 30-something woman with a cynical view on dating, who is approached by Jack (Simon Pegg) in Waterloo Station because he believes she is his blind date. Despite not being his date, Nancy says yes and they enjoy the day together until the truth naturally comes out.


This is very simplistic but it helps that Pegg and Bell are brilliant in it, especially in terms of comic skill, timing and chemistry. I loved montages of them having fun and their conversations, although some of the awkward humour becomes a bit too awkward so it’s not funny. American Bell has a perfect British accent and the music used in this is on point – kudos to whoever put in Reflex by Duran Duran. That dance scene and a race between bicycle and taxi stand out as favourites. I also love it when London exteriors are used and this is perfect for that.

They are both very flawed characters, with Jack getting over a divorce while Bell is messy and cynical, and this makes their interactions interesting. A few lines towards the end rev up the cheese factor and you know from the off what will happen but it is still adorable, a joy to watch and very entertaining.


Released Friday 29th May 


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