Chris Pratt apologises in advance for Jurassic World press tour


Now, this is just one other reason why I love Chris Pratt. First off, he seems like the nicest guy ever, he is so damn funny, he’s a family man and incredibly down-to-earth. Now, he has gone a preemptively apologised for any offence he may cause during interviews on his worldwide press trip for Jurassic World.

Read his Facebook post:


I love this simply because it is so true. Pratt will most likely say something stupid and inane which gets spun up into some major story through infinite internet repeats. He probably won’t even realise he’s fucked up at the time. And you know, it’s easy for us to criticise stars when they say offensive/improper/rude things during these interviews, but with a press junket they are tired, speaking to so many different people and repeating the same old anecdote, so obviously they are going to slip. And with Pratt, he is going to face the brunt of Jurassic World press as he is the star of the damn movie.

For example, the Avengers stars had a ton of slip-ups during the worldwide press blitz for Age of Ultron – from Jeremy Renner calling Black Widow a whore to RDJ storming out of an interview – and there was 6-8 of them sharing the load of that tour, so just imagine how insane Pratt’s is gonna be.

So we feel your pain Chris and we preemptively forgive you for anything you may say during the tour, simply for this brilliant message.

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