Dwayne Johnson talks San Andreas at world premiere


Hollywood hardman Dwayne Johnson unfortunately covered up his famous guns with a flash suit for the world premiere of San Andreas in London, but any disappointment I felt was wiped away when he came over to chat. He is nicest guy. I cannot stress this enough. He looked like he was enjoying himself, he involved all the fans, he had great energy, he spoke to all the press and even broke a freakin’ Guinness World Record for the amount of selfies he took!

Did you sing with Kylie Minogue?

No, because that would mean I would embarrass myself… but I got to know Kylie and she’s great. As is as advertised. I had always heard throughout Hollywood, throughout the world of entertainment, everybody’s celebrity precedes itself, reputation precedes itself… you always hear Kylie’s amazing. I came to set on my day off to just watch her work and I was so impressed with her. She’s nice and beautiful. She’s very tall by the way (joke obvs).

About the movie

This is by far the biggest movie I’ve ever shot and I just shot Furious 7 which was a very big movie in itself – in terms of the epic nature of what San Andreas is, it was a huge challenge and I think it paid off.



Also on the red carpet was Kylie Minogue, Carla Gugino (above) and Alexandra Daddario and they all looked stunning. Their dresses were on point – although Kylie did have to hold hers down when a gust of wind whipped it up! Daddario has the most piercing eyes and Gugino was very classy.

Here she is talking about her stunts in San Andreas:

“You know, there were a couple of stunts, there’s a moment on the roof when I’m running and a plane falls and I go sliding down, there’s a 20 foot drop. There was a moment before it I was like ‘I don’t know if I’m able to do this, can I actually do it?” I do Broadway, a lot of live performances, I was like ‘how can I be so scared of this?!’ He (director Brad) looked at me and I saw a look in his eyes that everything was going to be okay and we did it and there was very little acting involved in that shot.”

For the rest of my pics, click the thumbnails.


  1. Thank you for this! Loved hearing him talk about Kylie 🙂



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