Tomorrowland: Film Review

I loved Tomorrowland (or Tomorrowland: A World Beyond as it’s called over here) and enjoyed it up until a point towards the end when I started feeling a bit deflated. This film has been quite mysterious in its promotional material, never revealing what the land is and what happens, so while I usually avoid spoilers, it is impossible here, so proceed with caution.

Casey (Britt Robertson) receives a badge/pin which shows her a future dimension named Tomorrowland, where all leading thinkers live to try and improve life of Earth. To get there, she must team up with a former boy genius inventor Frank (George Clooney) but all is not what is seems.


I loved everything about this movie until we reached the true version of Tomorrowland. I loved Casey and her story, her virtual visit to the dimension, I enjoyed the different inventions, Frank’s back story (would have liked more of that) and his first meeting was Casey. Honestly, the entire thing was on point and I was smiling and thinking ‘this is great’ throughout. The film regularly notes how Casey was the one who could change the fate of Tomorrowland and alter the impending doom set to befall Earth and you were waiting for this final showdown of epic proportions, but you instead got a pretty simplistic solution. My reaction was ‘wait, is that it?!’ It was all talk and less action and also began to feel a bit preachy about how we treat Earth etc. I felt deflated, which put a dampener on all that came before. Considering there was all this mystery behind the world in the promo, you would expect more to actually happen there.

Clooney may be the main title of the movie but it totally belongs to Robertson and Raffey Cassidy, who plays the robot Athena. Athena was my favourite character. She is a 12-13 year old girl who can kick ass and she has a romantic back story with Frank which was incredibly interesting. This is Raffey’s first movie and she has emerged as the star. Clooney didn’t shine between those two.

This also felt like part one of a franchise. A sequel hasn’t been announced, but since I wasn’t wowed by the resolution and the actual ending is about the start of a new phase of Tomorrowland, I can’t help but think another is on the way. This is aimed at youngsters and while it is pretty fun, it is also pretty talkative and I don’t know if they would follow it. But still, it looks amazing, the girl characters are awesome and some of the action sequences are very cool.

Released Friday 22nd May 


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