Clouds of Sils Maria: Film Review


It is clear to see why Kristen Stewart picked up a Cesar award (it’s like a French Oscar) for her role in the Clouds of Sils Maria – this is the best performance I have seen her give in a long time. Her co-stars Juliette Binoche and Chloe Grace Moretz are also on top form, which makes it a shame that the film did not have a massive effect on me.

Binoche is movie star Maria Enders who rose to stardom in the play and film adaptation of Maloja Snake as a young assistant who forms a relationship with an aging actress. Years later, she discovers the writer/director has killed himself while she is on her way to honour him at an awards show with her assistant Valentine (Stewart). She signs on to act in Maloja Snake once again, but this time as the aging actress, alongside young, feisty starlet Jo-Ann (Moretz).


The drama had the potential for greatness but it just fell short. I loved Binoche’s performance as an insecure woman worrying about her age, her relevance and if she has control over her career anymore. The plot of Maloja Snake vaguely mirrors her working relationship with Valentine and when the pair run lines, it is hard to decipher if they are speaking from the play or from the heart. Fractures soon start to appear as they prepare for the play, but I thought the arc was too strung out so when the result of their friction plays out, I didn’t care anymore.

What I really wanted was more Moretz. Her character is known for her wild antics and personal life more than her movies even though she is only a teenager. I loved her mean, straight-talking ways and I wished we had seen more of her and more of them rehearsing the play.

Basically, I felt all three women had more to give but the script didn’t allow them to go there. The ending was just okay when it could have been awesome. The film itself was slightly too long (123 minutes) and I just didn’t come away with that awed feeling of seeing a brilliant film, even though it had the ingredients to reach that level.

Released Friday 15th May 



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