A Royal Night Out: Film Review


A Royal Night Out is essentially what could have happened when Princesses Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon) and Margaret (Bel Powley) go for their first ever night out in London to celebrate VE Day. It isn’t totally truthful – the royals DID go out to mark the end of World War II, but it was a much quieter affair – which wouldn’t have made for such a fun film.

This comedy-drama is very old-fashioned in its humour with overly plummy royal accents from Powley, some slapstick and old-school comedy caper type mishaps. It also had really fun, jaunty music and Margaret was simply hilarious. Everything she said cracked me up, which means the film falls flat whenever she’s not around. Gadon was simply gorgeous, she nailed the British accent (she’s Canadian) and she radiated from the screen like an old Hollywood scarlet but she wasn’t given much to do. Her journey is simply searching for her sister and that gets tired after a while, especially as she is joined by Jack Reynor who I do not rate as an actor and his English accent was terrible (he often sounded Australian).


The start was brilliant and the end was fantastic but I just wish more happened in between besides Elizabeth going from one venue to the next and JUST missing her sister AGAIN. Rupert Everett and Emily Watson were good as the King and his wife, although they didn’t have much to do, I enjoyed the scenes of celebration and I had a smile on my face throughout. This is good, harmless fun for a lazy afternoon – I just wish a bit more happened in the middle.

Released Friday 15th May 

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