Revenge Series Finale: My thoughts



So Revenge ended for good last night (sob!) I know, I know, I have written about how I wanted it cancelled and now it’s over, I feel incredibly sad. Beyond that though, I’m seriously thankful the creators didn’t drag it out and managed to round up all the stories in the finale despite not knowing it would be cancelled.

Although it felt a little rushed, the series finale was pretty good in that I felt satisfied that everyone’s journey had come to a fitting close. Emily/Amanda (Emily VanCamp) is now married to Jack (Nick Wechsler), they have Sammy 2.0 and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is off doing more Revenge type stuff.

I’m not here to recap cos you can find summaries elsewhere. Basically, going into “Two Graves” we knew two people were going to die (based on the Confucius proverb) and I’m glad that’s Victoria because you can only fake your death so many times, am I right?! There were times when I thought the other would be Jack, then Emily so I’m glad it was David. That seemed like the best way to go and made the show come full circle – he was dying anyway and he was helping Emily start a new life after she spent so long avenging his. Emily had to have a happy ending for it to have been worthwhile.

From earlier this season. RIP BEN!

From earlier this season. RIP BEN!

I LOVED that we finally saw Emily and Jack hook up and we saw them literally sail off into a new chapter of married life, although that did get a tad cheesy. I just wish there was more for Nolan. I didn’t want him to have a new Revenge game (this would have been the new focus had the series been renewed) and I wanted it to end with him finding a new love interest. I would have also liked a brief moment to see what happened to Margaux and Louise.

I did have a few issues and I feel it was down to timing more than anything – how quick was Emily’s prison escape? Looked like a piece of cake. I didn’t fully understand Victoria’s mother’s revelation about her sleeping with her father/stepfather/random creep. We haven’t approached that subject in ages so I have no idea what that was all about and why it was included in such a fleeting way. Also, I hope to God that heart transplant plot IS a nightmare – you never find out – but that is just WTF ridiculous.

In general, I liked it and it ended in the best way possible. Not everything was tied up but the fact that they didn’t know it would be cancelled when this was shot, I would say we’ve all dropped pretty lucky. It could have been way worse. I will be sad it’s gone but I’m glad they chose to end it because the following season would have been like an entirely different show and that would have sucked.


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