Please TV network – cancel Revenge!


Do not get me wrong, I used to love Revenge. I have stuck with from its very beginning and I will watch it right up until it ends – but I think that should be in four episodes time when season four comes to an end on May 10th.

There would have to be a SERIOUS game changer for me to change my mind and that game changer would have be substantial enough to sustain another 22-24 episodes. I don’t think there enough left in this Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke (played by Emily VanCamp) story and this season is already losing energy and direction.

David Clarke being alive and back in the Hamptons was a major change in the season finale but by halfway through season four, he’s become a spare part. It’s like the producers don’t know what to do with him. Emily has not really been focussed on revenge, so the whole premise of the show is off. Sure, Victoria and Margaux have had a go at revenge and I’m sure Louise has something up her sleeve but in general, there isn’t anything huge to keep momentum going. And don’t even get me started on Emily finally revealing she’s Amanda!! That ruins everything. I suppose this could be the show’s new direction but I’m not loving it. I just don’t know what show wants to do any more, which is a shame because I love Nolan Ross and I want Jack and Emily/Amanda to finally get together.

I certainly feel like the producers are bracing themselves for a cancellation/non-renewal because last Sunday’s episode (‘Exposure’) was filled with so many flashbacks, it felt like the story was trying to come full circle and aim for a neat and tidy resolution – which would be perfect. If it gets cancelled on a major cliffhanger, I will still be bummed. So please producers – end it all nicely now and not be one of those shows which keeps on going and going until the audience gets sick of it – know when is a good time to stop!

What do you think? Sound off in the poll below.


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