Why exclusive Rihanna & Beyonce content will not make me get Tidal


Photo credit: Instagram

Yesterday Rihanna posted a link on Twitter for the new video for American Oxygen and, like most fans I’m sure, I was disappointed to find it send me to Tidal, where I could only watch it if I signed up to the free trial or the actual monthly subscription service.

I love Rihanna and always watch her videos. But does that make me want to get Tidal? No. One video is not that encouraging. I’m sure more content by the Tidal backers (Ri, Bey, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Madonna) will be exclusive to the streaming app over time but that’s just going to make me listen to them, or get involved in their music, less. I don’t want to and shouldn’t have to pay to see a music video. So I still have no idea what American Oxygen sounds like, and I’m okay with that, because I think those artists are making a mistake and will lose fans/streams/play because of it.

Beyonce has also dropped an exclusive song and Jay Z’s debut album has been removed from Spotify, all within a week. The rate it’s going, there will be so much exclusive content on there and I STILL won’t buy. It’s way too expensive. I’m happy to pay to buy music, but I am not willing to part with cash for streams. I will just try and find it elsewhere. And if I can’t, then I will just go without. None of these artists music are worth that much money a month. Not even Beyonce and Ri, and I love those two.


  1. […] It is still pretty cool that all these people agreed to do it. Yes, their appearances are very blink-and-you’ll-miss-it but they didn’t have to do it. I would have loved it way more had they actually been there dancing and partying with Madonna, whereas these cutaways to big celebs makes it looks like they were just added in post-production as she thought it would be a good marketing gimmick. I don’t see this as a challenge to Taylor – she inspired the idea and her video is a mini-movie, so this does not come close. I think Madonna and the other Tidal promoters saw a Bad Blood-style promo as a great opportunity to push the service (which has already pissed me off!) […]


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