Bella Thorne on insecurities and ambitions


I talked to Bella Thorne recently about her new role in teen comedy movie The Duff and her upcoming horror films (check out those interviews!) but we also delved into her being a role model to teenagers and what advice she would give to those feeling insecure.  Apparently, she’s jealous of people with freckles! I feel like her answer is directed at me specifically, as I wear glasses and braces, but who knows.

What advice would you give to those feeling insecure?

Imperfections are what makes you beautiful. I know that sounds cheesy but honestly, like, it’s so true. Like, people say usually glasses are supposed to be not a good thing, but I love glasses. People say braces are not supposed to a be a good thing, and like, colour braces, I’m obsessed! I love blue coloured braces. Freckles, I die, I want freckles so bad and I can’t get any so sometimes I’ll draw fake freckles on wishing I had them. I think all those things, like my laugh, people literally tell me that ‘you’re lucky you’re pretty’ because my laugh is so horrendous. I embrace it all the time. I really like laugh in people’s face… those are just the things you have to embrace. You know you will find people in your life if you are truly you and not trying to impress anybody, not trying to be anybody else, you will find people that like you for that. My best friend Bella P, who is also a weirdo, she’s dating my brother, that’s how I know her, her name is Bella, yes, I know, it’s weird, she loves that about me. She loves all the quirky things and I do too. Those are the people you’ll find in life.

Where do you get your ambition?

I don’t know, I guess I just grew up with it. I grew up hungry. I was not raised as a rich kid or anything like that, when my father died we were living off coupons for free that we would pick up off the streets and we didn’t really have a house to live in so it was me, my mum, a single parent raising four kids and I think I probably got my hunger from her, from watching her struggle.

The Duff is in cinemas now. Read my review.

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