Bella Thorne talks about The Duff

Bella Thorne (right) as bitchy Madison in The Duff

Bella Thorne (right) as bitchy Madison in The Duff

I had an interview with former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne about her new role in the teen comedy The Duff, which I thought was BRILLIANT. Thorne was very cool, honest and talkative, which makes for a perfect interviewee. Here she talks about what attracted her to the role of bitchy Madison and if she did any preparation.

What attracted you to the part?

I read for the role of Bianca because that was the character I really liked. Then Ari (Sandel, director) told me that I wasn’t going to be Bianca, that he wanted me to look at another role and I did, I looked at Madison and Madison was not my favourite character but I really wanted to be a part of the film and I really wanted a chance to work on it so I said yeah.

Did you read the novel (by Kody Keplinger)?

Nope, my character’s not in it. I didn’t read the book actually. That doesn’t sound great. There wasn’t that much to really overly prepare for. I watched Jawbreaker, I thought my character was going to be most like Rose McGowan in Jawbreaker than any other mean girl you’ve seen before, or at least that I could think of, because a lot of mean girls are you know, the blonde with the big boobs and is ditzy and my character is not that at all… when I agreed to do the role, I was like, ‘well I’ve already played a mean girl’, but that girl was Valley girl, kinda dumbish, that character. I can’t play another mean girl that’s the same character I’ve already done so we made sure she was very opposite, so in the movie… I’m not in skirts and played up with a bunch of makeup, I literally wearing black jeans and tank top with a leather jacket the whole movie.

Did you drew on high school experience?

I’m still in high school and I haven’t gone to high school, I’ve been home schooled since the third grade so I couldn’t really give you an answer to that.

So are you kind of experiencing high school through your movies?

Yes, yes definitely. Every time I played in a film where I get to be in high school, I just want to touch those lockers. Those pee-smelling lockers. Lock, combination…oooh, it’s good. I get very, very excited when I get to shoot by lockers.

The Duff is in U.K. cinemas from Monday 6th April. Read my review.


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